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Enterprise Web • Sharing Economy • Social Impact • Software
Chicago, IL
54 Employees

Rheaply creates software solutions that empower academic, enterprise and government organizations to divert waste from landfill and save money by scaling reuse of materials / property across our connected network.

Agency • Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy • Social Impact
Chicago, IL
1,515 Employees

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks across the United States that, together with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., serves as the nation's central bank. The role of the Federal Reserve System, since its establishment by an act of Congress in 1913 , is to foster a strong economy and a stable financial system.

Cloud • Payments • Professional Services • Sharing Economy • Software
Chicago, IL
10 Employees

allbetter enables consumers to find local, affordable contractors with ease. Our vision is to provide small business owners with the tools, connections, and confidence they need to grow their businesses on their own terms.

Marketing Tech • Real Estate • Sharing Economy
Chicago, IL
19 Employees

Rentgrata is an apartment listing service-meets-resident referral platform that connects prospective renters with current residents of apartment communities. Users can browse apartments and chat with current residents who have also signed up with Rentgrata. Both parties can earn a split of a referral reward if the prospect signs a lease.

Events • Sharing Economy
Chicago, IL
5 Employees

VenueMatch is a community-centric platform where users can readily reserve unique, trendy spaces for their activities and share the rental costs with their peers. To the end of building a marketplace of creative spaces, VenueMatch welcomes listings of all spaces, from lofts, warehouses, photo studios, gardens, workspaces, pools, and more.

Events • Sharing Economy • Software • Consulting • App development
Chicago, IL
60 Employees

Events • Sharing Economy • Software • Consulting • App development
Chicago, IL
60 Employees

Since 1998, i.c.stars has been running an intensive 16-week technology and leadership bootcamp to break the cycle of oppression for inner-city adults. Our project based learning approach - rooted in systems thinking and problem solving - is core to how we develop Technology and Community Leaders. Our programs transform lives and strengthen communities. Our graduates’ earnings increase average is 300%, with an 83% placement rate and 90% industry retention rate after one year. Furthermore, many of our graduates go on to become homeowners and advocates for change. One of our 1,000+ alumni summed up the impact in this quote: “i.c.stars allows space for CREATORS to architect their career, their lifestyle, and even more deeply consider generational wealth…”

Consumer Web • Sharing Economy • Transportation • Travel
Winnetka, IL
5 Employees

What started in a kids' playroom has grown into the leading peer-to-peer motorcycle marketplace. We are doing for bikes what Airbnb did for houses. We match motorcycle riders with motorcycles. It's that simple. In under 5 minutes, users can create a profile and list a motorcycle or reserve a bike to rent. Our motorcycle-sharing community gives people the chance to try new bikes, explore the open road when traveling, or earn money when not using their moto. As bike enthusiasts know, nothing magnifies every sense quite like a good ride. And Twisted Road is there to help everyone Ride the World.

Fintech • Sharing Economy
chicago, IL
6 Employees

SAVANT™ is the only management and reporting dashboard devoted exclusively to the sharing and gig economy. With real-time listing and gig management, easy tax and finance automation, business optimization, and comprehensive reporting, SAVANT™ users are empowered to increase profits, regain control of their money, reclaim their free-time and improve customer service. We understand the unique challenges and uncertainty faced by renters, drivers and gigsters of this newly emerging economy. We know that this transformative ecosystem is rapidly growing into one of the largest pillars of the global economy. SAVANT™’s collective experience with Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, HomeAway, Turo, Getaround and beyond has enabled us to identify and solve these challenges by developing powerful tools that empower users to not only survive, but truly thrive.

Professional Services • Sharing Economy • Software • Travel
Chicago, IL
30 Employees

Cleancio is a vacation rental cleaning and scheduling software company helping hosts and vacation rental operators schedule, monitor, and automate their housekeeping operations. Our in-house cleaning professionals provide hotel-style cleaning services and follow rigorous quality control procedures. Our technology helps vacation rental operators sync reservations, monitor cleanings and automate housekeeping operations all in one place.

Enterprise Web • HR Tech • Sharing Economy • Social Impact
Chicago, IL
8 Employees

Percent Pledge powers customized social impact programs, helping businesses of any size authentically improve employee engagement, employee retention, and employer brand. Our easy-to-use platform and dedicated social impact experts offer a single source for everything from donations and volunteering to charity vetting and impact reporting.

Consumer Web • Mobile • Sharing Economy • Transportation
2 Employees

ParKarma is a mobile solution for street parking headaches in major metropolitan cities like Chicago, Illinois. Over 45% of car owners in the city of Chicago park on the street without a garage. Drivers can add up to 30% to their commutes by circling the block looking for street parking. ParKarma helps drivers find street parking up to 30% faster. ParKarma helps alleviate the miles added and the worsening gas mileage tied with finding street parking. ParKarma is unique because there are no other peer-to-peer based apps out there that help the community in finding street parking. ParKarma is community-focused. It aims to solve parking but is more marketed towards drivers who want to help change the negative stigma associated with street parking. Pay-it-forward parking helps us all work together instead of against one another when playing the savage game of street parking.

Real Estate • Sharing Economy
Chicago, IL
65 Employees

Peerspace is an online marketplace for booking and listing unique spaces for a variety of creative and productive uses. We connect professionals and creators who need somewhere special to make their ideas come to life with locations that were previously underutilized or unavailable to the public.

Sharing Economy • Travel
Chicago, IL
3 Employees

PriceLabs is a powerful web-based revenue management & dynamic pricing software for vacation and short-term rentals that integrates with various Property Management Systems. Thousands of customers around the world rely on us to effectively compete in today’s world.

Fashion • Sharing Economy
Chicago, IL

DesignerShare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent their designer clothing and accessories.

Consumer Web • Fitness • Healthtech • Sharing Economy
Fully Remote
8 Employees

Halethy is a tech startup offering an interactive online calendar that allows high quality providers of onsite health and wellness services to communicate their upcoming schedule and availability to residents of multi-family buildings and other related communities. Healthy has partnered with a small, but comprehensive group of regional and national providers to bring services including healthcare screenings, lab draws, massages and yoga right to the resident's doorstep (or community room). As each participating service provider is responsible for managing their own location schedule, it is a turnkey and hassle-free solution for property managers / owners who simply communicate to their residents.

Blockchain • Consumer Web • News + Entertainment • Sharing Economy • Social Media
Chicago, IL
13 Employees

PechaKucha (http://www.pechakucha.com) is the fastest-growing storytelling platform used by millions of people across the globe. Community Builders, Businesses and Educators use its famed 20-slide x 20-second format to share ideas and connect with others visually, concisely and memorably.

Artificial Intelligence • HR Tech • Machine Learning • On-Demand • Sharing Economy
Fully Remote
130 Employees

Turn is a robust labor infrastructure tool that helps businesses keep up with the gig economy’s unique needs and fast pace. Our platform equips our partners with everything they need to seamlessly onboard their temporary workforce, scale more efficiently, and navigate the regulatory uncertainties inherent to independent labor. We care deeply about the future of work and are committed to addressing the labor inefficiency that has plagued the early years of the gig economy. Building a new labor marketplace for gig work requires us to upend stodgy, outdated approaches to hiring, onboarding, and management. As such, every tool we create is designed to help our partners improve their businesses and provide workers with more opportunities. We’re proud of our diverse team of curious, innovative people with expertise in industries ranging from fintech to real estate and marketplaces. We share a passion for solving complex problems and a commitment to helping underserved groups. We have the ambition to change the world of work and the skills and grit to make it happen. Turn is trusted by some of the fastest-growing on-demand platforms across 30+ industry verticals that are backed by investors like Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures, Partech Partners, Vulcan Capital, and more.

Logistics • Sharing Economy
Boulder, CO
7 Employees

Veho is an new type of delivery service that puts customer experience in the center. Our network of professional and crowdsourced drivers, powered by the latest technology, allows any brand to delight customers like never before. Cut shipping costs, gain full visibility into shipments, and build customer loyalty with an unparalleled experience.

Sharing Economy
Chicago, IL
2 Employees

Dablr is a services marketplace that lets people & businesses outsource chores and tasks to a vetted local nearby for a price they choose.