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Cloud • Greentech • Sales • Social Impact • Software
Fully Remote, USA
600 Employees

VelocityEHS is a new kind of ESG | EHS software company, helping you reach your environmental, social, and governance goals faster. Our VelocityEHS platform delivers simple and intuitive solutions that are more affordable, faster to implement, and that provide the best user experience. Backed by unparalleled customer support, our well-designed solutions engage your end users, making it easier for you to collect quality data, manage risks, and focus on being an ESG | EHS leader. Trusted by more than 19,000 customers and millions of users from every industry to help improve performance, VelocityEHS is among the largest and fastest growing ESG | EHS companies in the world. The company is headquartered in Chicago, with additional locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan; Tampa, FL; Toronto, Canada; Cork, Ireland; London, England and Perth, Australia. Online at http://www.ehs.com

Greentech • Real Estate • Social Impact • Energy • Industrial • Solar • Renewable Energy
Chicago, Illinois, USA
2,300 Employees

Invenergy is a leading global privately-held developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions. We are headquartered in the Chicago and have 2000+ employees across the Americas, Europe and Asia. We have successfully developed over 175 projects, including wind, solar, and natural gas power generation as well as advanced energy storage facilities. We are innovators at heart — we design, build and operate. We take pride in a company culture that encourages personal and professional growth, and in a workplace where our people feel a sense of ownership and belonging.

Big Data • Greentech • Energy

Yes Energy’s industry leading electric power trading analytics software provides real time visibility into the massive amount of data that is generated by the US electrical grid every day. Our unique and innovative view of the data informs real time trading decisions that keep utility prices low and the grid up and running.

Greentech • Energy

Volexion is a battery technology company working to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries globally. Volexion’s proprietary graphene coating for lithium-ion battery cathodes dramatically improves energy and power density while reducing costs. Volexion was founded by Prof. Mark Hersam, Director of the Northwestern University Materials Research Center and a MacArthur Fellow, who discovered that coating battery cathodes with graphene can improve battery performance. Volexion was formed in 2018 to explore the commercialization of this solution.

eCommerce • Greentech • Information Technology • Marketing Tech • Software
Chicago, Illinois, USA

At IN BOLD PRINT., our mission is to make conscious living an unconscious behavior. We want activities like shopping sustainably to be so easy, that you don’t even have to think about them. To accomplish this, we created a data-powered scoring platform that quantifies a product's impact on the world. Our platform allows for sharing clear, simple information, so that we can enable purpose-driven purchasing decisions. We are a minority women-owned, venture-backed startup based in Chicago looking for motivated people to join our team. As a technology company in the sustainability space, we are a mission-driven team looking to make an impact on the world. Join us to help transform the ecommerce world, one purchase at a time. We believe in transparency, and we think our name says it all - IN BOLD PRINT. So if you have any questions, please reach out and we promise to respond with open and honest communication.

Greentech • Hardware • Sports • Transportation
1 Employees

We are a team of young, but experienced entrepreneurs who believe in the future of smart urban mobility, and also in the advance of science in integrating the brain and body’s biomarkers with the mechanics and electronics of the most beloved mode of green transportation – the bicycle.

Greentech • Machine Learning • Mobile • Social Media • Social Impact
13 Employees

Our goal is to build the future of living with plants. We've started by creating a delightful mobile app that helps people grow thriving plants. Our community has grown from 100 beta users in August 2020 to over 60,000 active users today. Plants have been watered with Greg over 3M times, and partners like The Sill and over 100 other retailers have started sharing Greg to help their customers care for newly-purchased plants.

Fitness • Food • Greentech • Healthtech • Defense
Columbus, Alabama, USA
360 Employees

Climax Spray, a popular medication used to treat Ed treatment , it's essential to ensure your safety and the authenticity of the product.

777 Employees

We are a full service, end to end solar company that offers BluePower™ and BluePowerPlus+™ as the most innovative solar financing products.

Cloud • Greentech • Information Technology • Software
Chicago, Illinois, USA
620 Employees

Sphera is the leading provider of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance and risk management software, data and consulting services with a focus on Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S), Operational Risk Management and Product Stewardship. Our Mission: To create a safer, more sustainable and productive world by advancing operational excellence.

Greentech • Software • Energy
16 Employees

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>By integrating building operations with energy markets, CUE&rsquo;s proprietary software leverages a building&rsquo;s thermal mass, environmental data, carbon emissions and electric market prices to:</p> <ul> <li> Reduce HVAC energy use and expense up to 30 percent;</li> <li> Improve electric generation efficiency and environmental performance; and</li> <li> Introduce demand elasticity into grid markets.</li> </ul> <p>For building owners and managers &ndash; CUE executes a strategy designed to maximize efficiency and tenant comfort while also reducing costs, extending equipment life, and supporting corporate sustainability goals. &nbsp;</p>

Aerospace • Greentech • Hardware • Transportation

Optivolt Labs is enabling autonomous charging through an optimized solar integration platform.

Greentech • Software • Energy

<p>Root3 Technologies Inc. provides a hosted software as a service solution that reduces energy costs 10-30% in onsite energy plants for universities, hospitals, airports, and military bases. Root3’s no-install, patent-pending technology uses powerful Predictive Analytics and Big Data to help energy plant managers make hour-by-hour operating decisions.</p>

Greentech • Security • Energy
10 Employees

<p>Advanced Alternative Energy Products Co. has been supplying the Chicago area with green energy products for 10 years.</p><p>We are distributors of wind, solar, and geothermal products. In addition, we install home and industrial generators and EV charging stations. Check out our website at <a href="http://www.advanced-energy-products.com">www.advanced-energy-products.com</a>.</p><p>Or call us at 847-378-8067 for your next renewable energy project. There are substantial rebates and tax credits for solar and wind. Take advantage of these incentives before they expire.</p>

Greentech • Energy

NETenergy is a thermal energy storage company, based in Chicago. NETenergy has created a thermal battery, that works much like an electrical battery, except it stores thermal energy. By utilizing NETenergy’s thermal battery to store cold energy, building owners can save 30% or more on their energy usage and reduce carbon emissions by 50%.

10 Employees

<div>There is a disconnect between all the clean tech innovation available and consumers.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>Consumers don't care enough to invest time &amp; money to engage. They can save money with efficiency and energy options, at little or no cost, helping both their wallet and the environment.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>BetterNRG conne

Consumer Web • Greentech
2 Employees

<p>Growing your own food is a rewarding experience, specially for young familes. Those families unfortunately have their hands full and dont know where to start. EdenPatch demystifies growing food, and keeps you on track to reaping a bountiful harvest, whether from a deck planter, backyard raised bed, or a community garden plot.</p>

Greentech • Energy
8 Employees

Solar Simplified is an online platform that matches renters and homeowners who care about the environment and want to save money on the electricity bill with local solar farms. We take the hassle out of supporting renewable energy and make the sign-up process easy and transparent. For developers, Solar Simplified is a sales and marketing jackpot. The company was started and designed by a team with deep tech and marketing backgrounds. We chose to start a platform democratizing solar because we are obsessed with the energy space, worried about the state of the planet, and want to use our skills to help propel the country (eventually the world!) into mass solar adoption. And because of our broad experience, we are able to guarantee solar farm developers full subscription of their farms when working with us. As a startup, we are excited to begin gaining traction and trust in the industry as we continue to expand our developer partnerships and support people looking to access the benefits of solar energy.

Cloud • Consumer Web • Greentech • Hardware • Mobile • Transportation • App development
Chicago, Illinois, USA
725 Employees

Here at FLASH, we want to redefine how the world gets around. This audacious goal has an unlikely starting point- the parking asset. We believe that unlocking the hidden potential in parking assets and transforming them into dynamic digital hubs will the missing link in our fragmented mobility ecosystem. It starts with the operating system we built for those assets. We are creating a network that communicates and evolves based on the ever-changing needs of today's consumers and how they choose to get around. If it goes, we play a role in how.

Angel or VC Firm • Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Financial Services
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Energize Ventures is a leading global alternative investment manager focused on accelerating digital transformation in energy and sustainable industry. Founded in 2016, Energize has funded 20 companies to-date and is backed by strategic and institutional LPs including CDPQ, Invenergy, Schneider Electric, General Electric, Caterpillar, and more. With an unmatched depth and breadth of industry and operational expertise, Energize works in partnership with its portfolio companies to realize their full potential from early commercialization to growth scaling and into the public markets. For more information on Energize Ventures, please visit www.energize.vc.